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Big Brother Finally Comes to Las Ramblas

Posted on 27 January 2010 by admin

Las Ramblas in Barcelona is due to be controlled 24 hours a day with a network of surveillance cameras to prevent theft, prostitution and un-civility on the street.

Sixteen devices are due to be installed during 2010, but as yet no fixed date is set.

Residents in the area have been complaining of drug trafficking and prostitution for years. In answer to the numerous complaints from both merchants and residents, Barcelona Council announced in the summer that it will be installing cameras and monitoring devices.

Approval has been obtained for 16 cameras, 9 with video surveillance.

Las Ramblas Barcelona

Human Statues on Las Ramblas

One will be installed in the Rambla de Canaletes – at the junction with Plaça Catalunya, two in Plaza de la Boqueria, one in Plaça Portal de la Pau, and three more at La Plaça del Teatre.

The other cameras, with video monitoring, will be: 3 on the street near Robador Hospital, 3 on Ferran Rauric, and 3 on Comtessa de Sobradiel Avinyó, where neighbours complained repeatedly of drug trafficking and uncivil acts.

The official authorisation specifies that the cameras carry out a preventative service and ongoing monitoring of Las Ramblas, in order to increase the safety of residing citizens and the 200,000 daily tourists to the area.

These cameras cannot focus on housing or hotels.

Barcelona Council hopes this will lead to a lessening of crime in the area, where crime against tourists is particularly high.

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  1. suzyh says:

    It’s a good place to go in the daytime, but nights are a bit scary on the Ramblas

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