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Water Sports Lloret

Water Sports LloretFor more than 30 years, the Water Sports Lloret Center in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava, has provided a wide range of water-related rides to help make a holiday in Lloret an unforgettable experience. The summer of 2011, will be business as usual for the Water Sport Center team, who are now checking equipment and getting ready for the oncoming season.

Water Sports Lloret Attractions

The main water sport attraction for tourists continues to be parasailing, which provides visitors with a hands-free, bird’s eye view of Lloret. Unlike some of the other water attractions, parasailing is a calm, relaxed activity that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. For just 45 euros, beach-goers are privileged to savor an unusual experience they are unlikely to forget.

For the more active, water skiing is hugely popular attraction, that has been enjoyed by many thousands of visitors to Lloret main beach over the last decades. While others choose a different activity because they think water skiing is too difficult, regular participant Christian Mueller, 59, says it is not as hard as many people think.

Water Sports Center Lloret“I didn’t ever consider trying it”, says Christian who moved to Lloret in the early nineties. “I used to sit on the beach bars and watch the skiers, but never thought I would be able to do it. One day I was with a friend who bet me I wouldn’t be able to stand up on the skis. I took him up on the bet, won his money and have never looked back. Now I think I am the best client the Water Sports Lloret Center has!”

In recent years the “Fly Fish” which on first impressions, looks like a huge inflated kite, has been a soaraway success in the popular Costa Brava resort. To ride the Fly Fish, you don’t need any skills, but you must be able to hang on as though your life depends on it. Each time the kite hits a wave, it literally takes off into the air, and depending on the wind, it can stay up there for quite some time. As several people can ride the Fly Fish at the same time, it is fast becoming the first choice water ride for groups of young people.

The Ski Bus, which is also known as the Banana Boat, is another crazy ride enjoyed by groups who come to the Water Sports Lloret center. Up to 10 people can ride the bus at the same time, but be prepared for a dipping. The bus is jerked through the water by the speed boat driver who makes a big effort to steer the boat at outlandish angles with the intention of throwing the riders.

Water Sports Lloret Discounts

For those can’t decide which activity to choose, Water Sports Lloret party tickets are a wise option. With both the mini and maxi tickets  beach-goers can enjoy all the activities at a largely discounted price.

For more details on water sports in Lloret, go to the Water Sports Lloret center website.


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