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Kidnap Trail Leads to Tarragona

Posted on 17 March 2010 by dianew

Three people were arrested in Tarragona today, for their part in the kidnap of a 5 yr old British boy Sahil Saeed, in Pakistan.

Two Pakistani brothers and a Romanian female, the girlfriend of one of the brothers, were arrested at a flat in Tarragona, on the Catalan coast. Police said a large amount of money was found at the address.

The international hunt for the kidnappers ended in  Spain after claims that Sahil’s father paid the £100,000 ransom to end the drama surrounding his son, who was missing for 13 days.

Sahil was found yesterday, shoeless and shaven-headed, after his captors left him out on the street in Pakistan.

He was allegedly kidnapped from his grandmother’s home, where his father had taken him for a visit.
His father, Raja Saeed, said as they were about to leave to go home to England, a gang burst into the boy’s grandmother’s house, where the family were beaten and tortured for 6 hours by the gang, who were heavily armed. They fled with money and jewelery, and the boy, for whom they later demanded a 100,000  ransom.

There was a lot of speculation that the father or other family members were involved, but this has so far not been made clear.

The gang demanded a ransom be paid in Europe, not Pakistan, and the three arrested in Tarragona were apparently those who collected the ransom.

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