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Prostitutes in Barcelona

Prostitutes in Barcelona

Barcelona Prostitutes perform in public streets

Prostitutes in Barcelona are openly servicing clients on the Hook Up Freestreets of Barcelona.

On Las Ramblas, particularly in the area around the historic La Boqueria market, men are dropping their trousers to have a quickie with working girls.
Local residents have snapped the girls and tourists in action hoping that the authorities will put an end to the public displays.
Many of the prostitutes in Barcelona are from African countries and are offering sex for just a few euros.
The pictures have been described as “dirty and degrading” and many residents are complaining to the town council.
Local business owners have to clean condoms from in front of their stores and a cheese monger claims it is disgusting, as the girls will perform in broad daylight with only a parked truck to hide their actions.

The area is known as a red light district, although authorities have cleaned it up considerably since the 1980s.

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