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 Alameda, CA September 21, 2004 
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Today's Life Solutions / Decorating / Decorating Secrets  
Lighting in Your Home Office

July 20, 2004

Natural light in a home office provides a view and connection to the outdoors. Natural light will make you happier and more productive. However, even if you have great natural light, you will need to think about your artificial lights. Sometimes there is too much light—you'll have to shade your office from glare and supplement with lamps. Sometimes (it's true) you'll want to work at night.

There are two general types of lighting:

* Ambient Lighting — Washes gently over a large area and provides general lighting in your home office
* Task Lighting — Focused on work surfaces and has higher levels of illumination

A common form of ambient lighting in home workplaces is recessed lighting with a dimmer control. This lighting is good for general illumination, but will cause eye strain if you try to use it alone for tasks.

Task lighting should be at least 16 inches above the work surface and a baffle or shade should be used so the light bulb isn't directly visible. Strip lights are often used for task lighting. Another popular tak lighting option is halogen or other small desk lamps. When they come with flexible arms, the light can be moved closer to the work or farther away if it's not needed.

 Decorating Secrets is your decorating resource. Discover your decorating style... are you traditional? country? contemporary? or eclectic? Learn how to decorate with style and on a budget. Find out how decorating with your favorite colors can influence your moods. Explore lighting tricks, floor tips, and style secrets for every room in your home.

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