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 Alameda, CA July 27, 2004 
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Weekly Quick & Easy Tips #6

What can I do with leftover wine?

Make it into ice cubes and use it for cooking. When it calls for a “splash,” you can just use 1 or two, and it won’t go to waste!

How can I tell if an egg is fresh?

Immerse the egg in a pan of cool, salted water. If the egg sinks, it is fresh. If it rises to the surface, throw it away!

How can I get pancakes to brown quicker?

Add some sugar to the batter.

How can I prevent ice-cream cones from getting soggy?

Drop a marshmallow in the cone before putting the ice cream in.

How can I get rid of these stains?

Beer: Sponge with warm water
Chocolate: Soak in Kerosene and wash in cold water
Coffee: Treat with boiling water when fresh
Fruit: Soak a fresh stain in milk, or use oxalic acid.
Mayonnaise: Weak solution detergent with ammonia
Milk: Cold water and detergent
Tea: Use boiling water
Wine: Put dry salt on fresh stains, warm milk on old ones

What can I do so the edges of cheese don’t harden in the refrigerator?

If you butter the exposed edges, it won’t harden as quickly.

What if soup is too salty?

Add raw cut potatoes. Throw them away once they have cooked. They will have absorbed the salt.

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