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 Alameda, CA July 25, 2004 
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Recipe Exchange Today's Tips 
Nothing beats the tastes and smells of home cooking! Do you need to bring a dish to an upcoming event? Perhaps you can find that special recipe you have been looking for in this section. Is there a recipe you have that everyone enjoys? Share it with your neighbors!

The recipe exchange page offers a convenient way to trade your favorite recipes and discover new ones to try. If you would like to share your recipes with others in the neighborhood, please post them here.
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Main Course

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Sausage Tomato & Peppers
1 lb mild/hot sausage links cut into 1 inch pieces
3 tbl veg oil
2 lg yellow onions chopped
2 lg green peppers 1/2in strips
3 red tomato 1lb can drained and chopped
Special Instructions
cook sausage uncovered 10 minutes til brown remove discard drippings heat oil in skillet add onions 5 min or til soft add peppers, tomato, and salt put sausage in pan cover and cook 10 min
serve w pasta

Submitted by: Connecting Neighbors
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