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Martin Smith, partner of Lianne Smith who is in Gerona Prison charged with the murder of their two young children, was himself sent to prison yesterday for 16 years, for the sexual abuse of Lianne’s eldest daughter, Sarah.

Sarah bravely told the court how her Stepfather abused her from a very young age while her Mother did nothing to help; in fact whenever Sarah or her brother complained to their mother they were accused of telling lies.

When Sarah eventually decided to go to the police, because she was afraid that the abuse would begin again with her younger sister Becky, Martin Smith was arrested but released on bail awaiting trial. It was then that Martin and Lianne Smith fled to Spain, to avoid the courts.

When the police caught up with them in Barcelona a couple of years later,Martin Smith was arrested and extradited to the UK and then Lianne Smith took their two young children to an hotel in Lloret de Mar, where she claims she smothered them both with plastic bags because she was afraid they would be taken into care.

This astonishing and very sad story reached its climax yesterday when Sarah was proved to be telling the truth and Martin Smith was found guilty of the charges against him and jailed for 16 years.

Lianne Smith is currently in Gerona prison awaiting her own trial, for the murders of her two children who were fathered by Martin Smith; the youngest Daniel having been born whilst they were on the run in Barcelona.

One ironic twist to the story is that Lianne Smith was employed in childcare; responsible for the safekeeping of other people’s children.

Full story in the Daily Mail:



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