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A fire control helicopter was called out today to a forest fire in Lloret de Mar, to control a blaze that broke put around 3pm near the rural Ecogolf course. The course is located in dense woods between the urbanizations of Mont Lloret and Roca Grossa.

Residents of Mont Lloret waited anxiously, as although smoke from the fire billowed from a wide area, there initially appeared to be no response from the emergency services. However, a fire control helicopter appeared within around 30 minutes and after a quick reconnaissance of the area, the pilot went on to perform three successive water dumps of 1000 litres per dump.

After the third dump, a fire truck with water on board arrived at the scene to control the fire from the ground. Fortunately, although Lloret has experienced warm temperatures in recent weeks, there has also been moderate rain – which would have prevented the woodland from being dry enough for the flames to spread uncontrollably.

Lloret Incendio, Fire Lloret de mar

View of the fire from Mont Lloret

Lloret Incendio - Fire Lloret de mar

The fire began between the urbanizations of Mont Lloret and Roca Grossa

Lloret de Mar - Fire Control Helicopter

The residents of Roca Grossa and Mont Lloret were relieved to when a fire control helicopter appeared

Fire Lloret de Mar

The helicoptor filled up from the nearby Mont Lloret reservoir

Lloret Incendio

The chopper makes its first dump

Lloret Incendio Forestal

Due to recent moderate rain, the forest is not yet dangerously dry


  1. Leonard says:

    Scary if you live there.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wow – although happily it did not result in an disaster, those pics are excellent.

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