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Prostitution in Catalunya has been in the news quite predominantly over the last couple of weeks.

In La Jonquera,  Girona, the local council has decided to reduce the prosecution of street prostitutes, due to the lack of success in attempting to collect the fines that have been imposed, more than 300 of them, since the law was passed in July.

They claimed it was also due to a ruling by the Supreme Court of Catalunya, which authorised brothels with up to 60 rooms, and 100 women.

They have decided to enforce prosecution of prostitutes only in sensitive areas during the day, such as areas for children, schools, playgrounds etc.

Meanwhile, local police in Barcelona have broken up a group found to be exploiting women, controlling them by threats of voodoo.

Nine people have been arrested, charged with human trafficking, illegal immigration for sexual exploitation, forced prostitution, illegal detention, conspiracy and fraud.

Also, in Girona, two sex clubs have been raided, leading to the arrest of eight people, charged with exploitation of women. Involving 150 women, the charges included assault on the victims; withholding food until work was completed, keeping all their earnings. The victims, all foreigners, were recruited with false job descriptions, offering work in catering and hospitality.

The organisation members brought the girls to Girona, then stole their documentation and forced them into prostitution, claiming they had a financial debt to pay.

The owners of the two clubs were also arrested, one at Girona airport as he tried to leave Spain for Morocco, carrying a large amount of money.

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  1. Marina says:

    I was pretty horrified this year to see on a stretch of road between Vidreres and Lloret de Mar there were several serious accidents including fatalities, just by where prostitutes flaunted themselves every day.

    I understand everybody has to eat, but when it is such a distraction that motorists are crashing it HAS to be stopped.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, it was a distraction for motorists, there’s no doubt about that.

    The authorities seem to have managed to gained control on the Lloret-Vidreres road, which is a good thing in my mind, as that stretch of road is dangerous enough as it is.

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