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In Catalunya, a project is underway to link Girona and France with 400 km of cycleways.

Known as project ‘Link’, it aims to create cycle tracks joining France and Girona, assisted by the regional cooperation program between France, Spain and Andorra.

The project has two objectives:

To map out a network of around 400 km of cycle track, hopefully encouraging tourists on bicycles, as a way to more fully enjoy the surrounding countryside and places of interest.

To strengthen ties between two countries, which although separated by a border, are connected by ideas and enthusiasm to work together.

Project ‘Link’ will use 100 kilometres of bicycle routes and country paths in France, 35 km in Ripollès, 55 kms in Alt Empordà and 30 km in Baix Emporda.

Where there is no existing network of tracks or paths, safe passageway will be created on roads with low traffic density.

The estimated cost of the project is €1,650,000, to be financed 65% by European grants.

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