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Just over 10,000 spectators, one third less than last year, turned out yesterday on the Avenue Paralelo to watch the Barcelona carnival parade, although no one stayed long due to the cold, rain and hail that marred the traditional celebrations.

Umbrellas and raincoats dominated the pavements along the avenue during the festivities, which started somewhat delayed because of the bad weather. The Mayor, Jordi Hereu, opened the festivities, which were a great success, with 55 floats or groups included, although the majority of the assistants chose to leave before the end.

A lot of the floats shows political and social criteria as their theme, and the corruption case surrounding the Palau de la Musica (Music Palace) opened the parade with a presentation from the residents of Casc Antic. In the parody, Fèlix Millet’s daughter, dressed as a bride, was getting married in the Palace, while her father announced to the public with a megaphone “Hold on tight to your wallets.” Behind this show was a depiction of the Santa Catarina market, with the large quantity of chorizos on sale, and an enormous sign a leading to the well-known corruption case.

Millet was also parodied by the theatre company PVC, known for their controversial nude performances in the previous two carnivals. Their work this year was entitled ” to jail with everyone” representing various corrupt politicians, businessmen involved in urban scandals, Millet himself, and various paedophile Bishops.

A group of Italians, residents in Barcelona, had made original costumes for a dream scene, demanding more liberty and justice in their country, and a Latin American troupe asked for economic help for Haiti.

There was also a notable presence of many Latin American bodies and associations.

The Gothic area this year was represented entirely of citizens of the Dominican republic, who made a traditional float of their country, including representation of the modern rhythms of hip-hop and rap.

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