Girona Prostitutes Robbed – Attacker Claims Dissatisfaction with Services

Prostitutes Lloret de Mar

Prostitutes on the Vidreres road, near Lloret de Mar

The prosecutor requested a sentence of ten years in prison for Enraji Ztaiou, who is accused of two offenses of robbery with violence and intimidation after attacking two prostitutes offering their services on Girona Roads.

According to the prosecutor’s version, the first robbery occurred on 21 February, at noon, when the defendant was driving along the road N-II and stopped near l’alçada de Caldes to request the services of a prostitute was installed at kilometer 700. Once the girl climbed into the car, Enraji Ztai allegedly pulled a knife and put it to her neck and demanded money.  The girl refused, and without removing the knife, he grabbed her handbag and he took what was inside: an MP3 player, mobile phone and 50 euros .

The thief  did not believe that the girl had only made this money and made her remove her boots and lifted her shirt to see if there were more banknotes in her underwear.

Three weeks later, on March 16, the accused allegedly assaulted another prostitute following the same modus operandi.  On this occasion, the victim had offered her services on the Vidreres to Lloret road, at the location of kilometer six.

The robber threatened her by putting a knife to her neck and stomach, and took 30 euros plus the girl’s mobile. The girl got away from the thief, but he ran behind her, grabbed her by grasping her hair and she fell to the ground, which caused her minor injuries. Enraji Ztaiou claims the incident occurred because he was not satisfied with services he received. In conclusion, the defense attorney asked for acquittal.

The trial continues.

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