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Cynthia Grow: End of summer Costa Brava
End of summer Costa Brava. castle lookout tower, cap far de san sebastia … Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: calella de palafrugell, costa brava, pals, spain. 2 comments: rightupmytweet said. …

Mark’s blog: Costa Brava – Café de la Playa
Costa Brava – Café de la Playa. Café de la Playa. Café de la Playa felt somehow like the right place to be, so I took a stool, I sat at the bar and I waited for the waiter. “Un Sex On The Beach por favor”. I ordered. “If I cannot have sex on the …

Costa Brava Hotels, Hotels Costa Dorada, Hotels Costa Blanca …
Costa Brava Hotels, Hotels Costa Dorada, Hotels Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol Hotels · Apartments and … The second largest city of Spain lies on the Costa Brava on the eastern coast of Spain. The Mediterranean climate …

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Bar News from Lloret de Mar Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:55:02 +0000 admin Lloret de Mar, Gerry’s Bonsky Bar blast from the past: Hula hula …

When people wanted to get really drunk quickly in lovely surroundings , you needed to get to the hula hula bar and orderSeven Seas Bar Lloret de Mar one of the magic cocktails. I think a popular one was the enormous scorpion. …

Lloret de Mar, Gerry’s Bonsky Bar blast from the past: Pete’s Bar …
Everybody who was here in the 70′s, 80′s and early 90′s remembers Pete’s Bar just up the road from Gerry’s. Many stayed there above the Bar and also enjoyed some of the lovely dinners he produced in his tiny kitchen. …

Work & Jobs in Lloret de Mar 2012 – Jobs in Spain
Lloret de Mar is a large beach resort popular with package-holiday makers from northern Europe such as the United Kingdom or Germany. Lloret is a very lively, busy resort which has hundreds of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Many visitors …

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Marineland Costa Brava Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:46:03 +0000 admin Marineland Costa BravaThe Travel Source: Costa Brava for Families
If slides aren’t your idea of fun, visit Marineland where you can enjoy the daily dolphin show and investigate Costa Brava’s sea life a little closer. Tossa de Mar is another well equipped family resort, offering some great value …

Top 10 Zoos In Europe | Plus Pets – Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and much …
If you’re travelling to Spain, then Palafolls on the Costa Brava is home to Marineland, one of the best marine zoos in Europe. Shows provide the ability to see sea lions, dolphins and even parrots performing, whilst a small …

Enjoy Cheap Holiday Deals to Costa Brava for Your Holiday Fun
Holidays to Costa Brava provide proximity to three different water parks: Marineland, Aqua Diner, and Aqua Brava. Each one has something a little different and special to offer. Whether you try one or try them all they can be a …

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Costa Brava Hotels Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:27:44 +0000 admin Aigua Blava Hotel, Costa Brava | Cheap Holidays in Spain
If you are looking for a haven of peace and tranquility in one of the most spectacular settings anywhere on the Spanish coastline, then look no further than the.

Costa Brava Hotels, Hotels Costa Dorada, Hotels Costa Blanca …
casino royale costa bravaCosta Brava Hotels, Hotels Costa Dorada, Hotels Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol Hotels · Apartments and accommodation in Spain, Tourist Information. Accommodation. Barcelona Apartments · Hotels in Barcelona · Hotels in …

Park Hotel San Jorge Golf – Costa Brava 2012 | Barcelona Golf …
Park Hotel San Jorge Golf – Costa Brava 2012. Platja d’Aro-Costa Brava. PLATJA D’ARO – PARK HOTEL SAN JORGE Valid 01.01.12 to 16.06.12 & 06.09.12 to 31.12.12 From 498 € per person including green fees. PRICES: …

Costa Brava Hotels: Raise A Toast
Sipping on traditional Christmas drinks is one of the exciting aspects of the festive holiday – aside from all the delicious food and presents of course.

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Around the Web – Costa Brava Camping Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:24:20 +0000 admin costa brava campingCamping and resort in costa brava Spain | Submit Articles …
Resort Costa Brava and Camping costa brava are the most well-known destinations for camping Spain and enjoying beach holidays in Europe.

Experience Camping Costa Brava, Spain | Holiday Mag – The Magazine …
One being into job or owning and running your own business, you are busy all through out the year, excluding your weekends. Weekends passes away refreshing…

Enjoy camping costa brava, resort costa brava, bungalow costa …
Enjoy camping costa brava, resort costa brava, bungalow costa brava, camping girona in Costa Brava Spain. Having lots of more outdoor fresh natural fun. Cypsela is an ultimate place for camping and resort in costa brava spain with its …

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Eating Out on the Costa Brava – El Bulli Restaurant Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:12:07 +0000 admin El Bulli
El Bulli Restaurant12/16. Tony and fellow chef Jose Andres cook alongside molecular gastronomer Ferran Adria in his kitchen at El Bulli, a triple-Michelin-starred restaurant on Spain’s Costa Brava, shortly before its permanent closure earlier this

Movie review: El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
El Bulli, on the Costa Brava north of Barcelona was regarded as the best restaurant in the world in the middle of the last decade. It’s a distinction now generally ascribed to Noma in Copenhagen and El Bulli, having closed (it may re-open as a …

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
Wetzel begins in 2008 with the annual six-month research phase at the restaurant’s Barcelona laboratory, then follows the six-month service season at the restaurant itself on the Costa Brava, during which dishes continue to evolve from pure distilled …

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Costa Brava Property News Fri, 16 Dec 2011 14:55:47 +0000 admin Costa Brava Property

Is it time to sell your European property?
… value your holiday home. But it will also mean that the holiday money you take abroad will go further. So those that decide not to sell, may at least be able to toast their decision with an extra glass of Rioja. Costa Brava , Spain : the perfect break.

Things To Remember When Buying Costa Brava Real Estate
There are a few things to keep in mind when you are buying property in Costa Brava. A Costa Brava holiday home is something special and you need to make sure that you get the right property when you are looking for …

Property Costa Brava, Property Roses, Pr – Costa Brava the perfect …
Buying a holiday home in Spain has a lot of advantages: you get to go on holiday any time you like, and you can stay for as long as you please, year round. This second home can even become a lovely retreat, away from everything, …

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Reasons to Move to the Costa Brava Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:33:41 +0000 admin Reasons to Move to the Costa BravaThe Costa Brava is particularly attractive for many Europeans from the more northern countries, because the summer heat is although extremely warm, is less intense than further south. The Scenery is spectacular, and in addition there are many fascinating and well-preserved medieval towns such as Pals and Peratallada.

Catalonia in comparison to other areas, is generally well run with decent roads and an expanding railway network.The A7 motorway is rarely more several minutes drive away, and connects to the French autopiste network.

Barcelona is easily accessible; golf courses are numerous and of the highest standard. In winter, there is skiing available in the nearby Pyrenees. Cheap flights are available into Girona airport and to Barcelona and Perpignan. Eating out is inexpensive and a real pleasure.

Reasons to Move to the Costa Brava – Cost of Living

Generally, the cost of living is reasonable. Eating out will usually cost between 15 and 30 euros per person, and public transport in Spain is remarkably cheap compared to the rest of Europe. Due to the collapse of theCosta Brava property market,  attractive property can be found very cheaply.

Many different nationalities settle on the Costa Brava and become permanant residents , but unlike further south nationalities are intermingled, with no “English” estates or “German” estates. The whole atmosphere tends to be more cosmopolitan.

Before buying anything, do visit the area in and out of season. Resorts that are a lively hub of action in the summer often die completely in the winter. Many Catalonian from Barcelona and other cities spend their summer holidays on the  Costa Brava; they don’t live here, and many don’t even visit at week-ends out of season. If you are buying just for summer rentals and/or your own summer holidays, that does not matter, but if you are thinking of permanent residence, it is a critical factor. Never assume that you may be able to rent your property in winter. It is quite unlikely.

If you are thinking of semi-permanent or even permanent residence, you may be concerned that you will find it hard to make friends here, and therefore be somewhat isolated. This is generally not so. Most residents are retired or semi-retired and it is fairly easy to meet new people, particularly of course if you play golf. Incomers tend to be of a similar age and background, even if from different countries. They too want to make new friends.

All in all though, the reasons to move to the Costa Brava are evident, as it is a terrific place to holiday or live as long as you have thought your decision through. The Costa Brava is not the Costa del Sol either in terms of weather or lifestyle, but it is culturally rich, welcoming, and offers a great life to those that respond to what it offers.

The original of this article “Reasons to Move to the Costa Brava” was published by Costa Brava Homes.


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Water Sports Lloret Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:26:43 +0000 admin

Water Sports Lloret

Water Sports LloretFor more than 30 years, the Water Sports Lloret Center in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava, has provided a wide range of water-related rides to help make a holiday in Lloret an unforgettable experience. The summer of 2011, will be business as usual for the Water Sport Center team, who are now checking equipment and getting ready for the oncoming season.

Water Sports Lloret Attractions

The main water sport attraction for tourists continues to be parasailing, which provides visitors with a hands-free, bird’s eye view of Lloret. Unlike some of the other water attractions, parasailing is a calm, relaxed activity that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. For just 45 euros, beach-goers are privileged to savor an unusual experience they are unlikely to forget.

For the more active, water skiing is hugely popular attraction, that has been enjoyed by many thousands of visitors to Lloret main beach over the last decades. While others choose a different activity because they think water skiing is too difficult, regular participant Christian Mueller, 59, says it is not as hard as many people think.

Water Sports Center Lloret“I didn’t ever consider trying it”, says Christian who moved to Lloret in the early nineties. “I used to sit on the beach bars and watch the skiers, but never thought I would be able to do it. One day I was with a friend who bet me I wouldn’t be able to stand up on the skis. I took him up on the bet, won his money and have never looked back. Now I think I am the best client the Water Sports Lloret Center has!”

In recent years the “Fly Fish” which on first impressions, looks like a huge inflated kite, has been a soaraway success in the popular Costa Brava resort. To ride the Fly Fish, you don’t need any skills, but you must be able to hang on as though your life depends on it. Each time the kite hits a wave, it literally takes off into the air, and depending on the wind, it can stay up there for quite some time. As several people can ride the Fly Fish at the same time, it is fast becoming the first choice water ride for groups of young people.

The Ski Bus, which is also known as the Banana Boat, is another crazy ride enjoyed by groups who come to the Water Sports Lloret center. Up to 10 people can ride the bus at the same time, but be prepared for a dipping. The bus is jerked through the water by the speed boat driver who makes a big effort to steer the boat at outlandish angles with the intention of throwing the riders.

Water Sports Lloret Discounts

For those can’t decide which activity to choose, Water Sports Lloret party tickets are a wise option. With both the mini and maxi tickets  beach-goers can enjoy all the activities at a largely discounted price.

For more details on water sports in Lloret, go to the Water Sports Lloret center website.


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What to Do When Visiting Lloret de Mar Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:16:27 +0000 admin In and around Lloret de Mar there are plenty of beautiful spots to visit, and places of interest.

Along the seafront in Lloret you will find the Maritime Museum, an interesting collection of boats and all things related to the sea.
Located behind Lloret, half a kilometre up into the mountain, you can find Roman ruins to explore. There is an open top bus which you can pick up on the seafront, which will take you around the Roman ruins and other places of interest.

Not far from Lloret centre, within walking distance along the coast, are the Gardens of San Clotilde. These are beautiful landscaped gardens, in an incredible clifftop setting, with breathtaking views over the sea. The gardens were designed in the manner of the Italian Renaissance, by Nicolau Rubio i Tuduri , when only 28 years old, showing immense admiration for his master and inspiration, Forestier.

Forestier taught Spanish Arabic style, mixed with French, as he used on the Montjuic gardens. Nicolau here though, preferred to use the spirit of the Italian Renaissance.

Nordic Walking is being promoted in Lloret de Mar, as another facet to its offers to tourism. Nordic Walking is the same as taking a normal daily stroll, but using specially designed poles, aimed at improving muscle, the cardiovascular system, coordination and mobility. The walking can be combined with a series of exercises to help power or muscle  elasticity depending on the individual’s physical level.

This project, forming part of the Lloret nature programme and musical sports service, claims the following goals: to raise awareness of Nordic walking among the population as well as tourists, emphasising health benefits, and enable walkers to discover the beautiful natural settings, and to add a new outdoor activity as an aid to discovering the interesting trails and coastal paths of the Costa Brava. Also hoping for Lloret to become known as a Nordic walking destination for the growing number of enthusiasts from all over Europe.

Scuba diving is a popular pastime around the Costa Brava, with diving centres in Lloret de Mar, Tossa, Estartit, L’Escala among others.

The Costa Brava offers some of the best diving in Spain, with an abundance of interesting sites along the rugged coastline (Costa Brava means rugged coast) Divers with all levels of training and experience will find something to interest them.

Water temperature varies from 13° in the winter to 24° in the summer, so divers can enjoy their sport all year round, provided the northerly tamuntana doesn’t put in an appearance: icy winds from the Pyrenees which can gust at well over 100 km an hour. Some dive centres operate all year round, but of course in winter there are occasions when weather will not permit.

Highlights of diving off the Costa Brava include the submarine nature reserves of the Medas Islands, and the Cap de Creus Natural Park as well as a number of dive sites over wrecked ships. Diving excursions are available, as are diving lessons.

The Costa Brava is also famous for its wonderful golf courses. There are 11 full 18 hole courses. Nine championship courses and several nine hole pitch and putt. PGA championship golf is played here, in the PGA golf de Catalunya.

The professional courses are:

In Lloret de Mar, and close by, there are several spas and water treatment centres, and also many natural springs in the surrounding countryside.

In Fenals, Lloret de Mar, you will find the Gem Wellness and Spa Centre. It spreads 1600 m² over two floors, and you will enjoy the services of a medical equipment specialist, dietician and nutritionist.

Therapies available include:

  • Physio electrotherapy, ultrasound, spinal traction, Massage, and pressure therapy.
  • Aerosol therapy: inhalation and steam baths
  • Rejuvenating beauty treatments for face and body.
  • Balneotherapy Unit, with therapeutic baths, underwater massage, seaweed wraps, seaweed baths, essential oil baths, dynamic pool, mud treatments, Scottish shower and Saunas.

Caldes de Malavella is the site of a natural hot spring when you can collect natural spring water from natures own ‘taps.’ It also boasts a beautiful spa treatment centre.

The characteristics of the spas:

Hyperthermic, bicarbonated, sodium rich, mineral rich, and a 60° c temperature.

Therapeutic indications:

Rheumatism, arthritis, circulation, respiratory tracts, digestive tracts, health treatments, beauty treatments, stress.


Thermal pool, hydro massage, massage, Jacuzzi, pressure shower, Massage shower, foot reflexology, inhalations, obesity treatments, facial and body aesthetics, sauna, treatments with clay, mud and myrrh, and UVA treatments.

The Renaissance and Art Nouveau style resort in the centre of Caldes de la Selva, has good views of the town, and is surrounded by a lovely park with woods and gardens. It is easily reached, within 30 km of any of the main tourist resorts on the Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava also has some wonderful places for your day excursions:

  • Marineland, a theme park with rides and fun as well as many examples of the wonderful marine life from this area.
  • Waterworld, a water park with enormous slides and fun for all the family.
  • An children’s adventure fun park In Lloret de Mar, where you can swing from the trees, climb rope ladders, and grope your way across rope bridges. The park also includes a gnome park for the little ones.

With so many places to see and visit, there’s never a dull moment on the Costa Brava!


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